Blessed Are The Moments of Clarity; OR, Hooray for Breakthroughs!

RRRRRAAAAAHHHHRRRRRSometimes writing is a drag, and sometimes the mind gets sticky.

And sometimes, everything just fucking clicks!

Excuse my language… it just farted.

And all the time, the mind isn’t to be mistaken for the brain, except for those times we mistake the mind for the brain. In those instances, I suppose they can be the same thing. It is what you make it, right? At least that’s what Descartes would say, I think.

John Updike once said that he wasn’t smart enough to write crime novels.

According to Wikipedia, Updike received the following awards:

I hope, someday, to be dumb enough to win the Bad Sex in Fiction Lifetime Achievement Award.

Oh, or the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.







Today, I gave G a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse.

Bleed American!

Why drink the water when the Kool-Aid tastes better? Worried about cal0ries? Thermogenic diet pills do the trick.

Fear not… You aren’t lost on a generation; a generation is lost on you! You aren’t here yet.


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